Privacy Policy

Collection and Use of Information

Internet Information - When you visit our Website, we may collect general Internet data, including your Internet protocol (IP) address, the web page from which you entered our site, and which of our web pages you visited, to collect this information, when you visit our Website, a "cookie" or a “Flash cookie” may be set on your computer. Cookies and Flash cookies contain information that allows our web servers to recognize you whenever you visit. We use the information we collect to study how our Website is used, so we may improve and enhance your experience on our Website. We do not provide this information to outside parties other than for such reasons. No personal information is stored in cookies. Your web browser should allow you to manage cookies and you can manage your Flash cookies by clicking here. “Flash” is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

We also use Google Analytics to obtain anonymous information collected from other websites on which we display advertisements that are designed to bring visitors to our Website. We use this information to understand how visitors, who arrive at our Website by clicking on those advertisements, interact with our Website.

Providing Information – When you provide information through our Website, we may use it for various reasons, business promotion/services, market research and recruitment etc. Based on the nature of y our transaction with us, you may provide us certain personally identifiable consumer information, such as name; address, an email address; telephone number; or certain other information, i.e. date of birth, employment information, (“Personally Identifiable Consumer Information”). In general, we will use the information collected from you for the purpose for which you provided such information. We will not release your Personally Identifiable Consumer Information to third parties except: (1) as necessary for us to process your transaction, or (2) as permitted by law, or (3) to Alankit group companies for marketing and advertisement purposes.

Our Business – When you visit our Website, we may ask if you want to sign - up to receive information and promotional offers from any of the Alankit group companies. If you provide your name and email address, we may share that information with them in order to administer the program and present such offers to you. If you do not register for email, we will not collect any personal information while you visit our Website.

Market Research – Your participation in market research activities is optional. Should you choose to participate, we may use the information you provide to improve your experience with our products and services. We may engage third parties to assist us with our market research efforts who may retain non - personalised, aggregated information. However, your personal information will only be used for our research purposes.

Recruitment – When you submit an application for employment, we use your personal information for recruitment purposes only.

Access to Your Information – When you provide information on our Website, you should ensure that the information is accurate. If you believe that there is an error, you are advised to review the same before submission. For the protection of your information, we use security technologies to safeguard any information that you provide.